Good to go yet?


In traffic light terms we know exactly what it means.

The relationship Ben and I have is very new. It’s even still at the naive stages where everything is wonderful and hopeful and probably not-so-realistic.

This is the time where everyone is allowed to caution me against moving – it has the potential to go down in a lot of flames.

Though a friend at work made me feel confident. “Go for it! Why not?” And proceeded to tell me about how two years ago her now-husband-then-green-boyfriend cancelled her removal truck to take her things to her friend’s place and instead arrived with a truck to help pack her things to take to his place instead.

Her theory (#18): “When you know, you know“.

I researched a bit about checklists for moving in together. Promising at least. I’ll need to have a couple of conversations with Ben in the near future, but no glaring problems or alarm bells or red flashing stop lights.

However, I do have some main hurdles (aside from the greenity) to moving state and moving in: Work, house + furniture, and the dogs.

1. Work.

There is no way I will move without a job to go to. I have two options, kind of. First option is to apply (i.e. send my CV) to all the hospitals within a half hour travel distance from where “home” will be. Second option is to register for locum work and hope that I can (a) get approval considering my narcolepsy, and (b) get enough work to be able to pay the bills.

2. House + furniture.

Probably the easiest to organise of all of the logistics. I can rent out my house and store my furniture. Plus if things can be organised/happen at the right time, then I can take some furniture with me. At worst case scenario and things don’t work out, I can crash with my mum, keep the furniture in storage and move back home when the lease runs out. (But that’s worst case and I’m banking on things going well with Ben and I).

3. The dogs.

Oh boy. I don’t think I can take them with me. So with one disabled little dear and the other a tad anti-social, it might be difficult. I don’t like the idea of finding a friend to dog-sit for an unknown time – makes it hard for them to find a way to back out if they can’t handle it. (And really, I can’t handle it half the time, so can’t expect someone I know to cope). They’re gorgeous dogs, and I love them, but I wouldn’t want them to be the reason that stops me from taking this opportunity with Ben. So they would need to be rehomed. I’ve got some options, but I am a bit worried. I’m hoping I can organise it for a foster-type-situation, but I don’t know if I can be that lucky. At worst case scenario, I have to give them away, and if things don’t work out, then I’ve lost the relationship and the dogs.

Hence, some hurdles. Not impossible.

Any advice?

– Gigi Orist.


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