Common Wednesday

[I recognise it is a Tuesday.
And that I haven’t posted in such a long time.
There’s a thousand and one excuses for why there’s been a ridiculous delay, but to be honest it’s all quite mundane. Let’s just move on shall we?]

There are ways scientist can predict, with a 94% accuracy, the health and long-term viability of a relationship, no matter how fresh or new said relationship is. With this in mind, would you want the test early in your relationship? Always the pessimist, I see a few options if you and your partner score poorly on their testing: (a) cut your losses early, (b) find out where you may be going wrong and try to fix things, or (c ) continue along the same path, just not-so-blindly, and keep your fingers crossed that you’re the 6% they’re not able to predict accurately anyway.

Not so surprisingly, the important parts of a couple’s viability come down to the way they treat each other.
The couple should respond positively or with curiosity to one another’s bids for attention. They should try to rally their spirits when at their lowest energy to avoid neglecting small moments of emotional connection. They should be present for the good times, to actively engage each other and bring more of the good feels into the relationship.

This is what Common Wednesdays are all about. They’re the days that make up the years together, the ones you won’t remember, the time spent doing nothing particularly special at all. If you can connect on a Common Wednesday, you’ll probably make it.

I moved in with Ben several months ago. As in, I up-and-moved states, jobs, houses, gave up my dogs and left friends and family behind. I really don’t regret it. Too cliched to say he makes me happy? He encourages my happiness.

We did hit a snag in the relationship over Christmas. I won’t go into the details of it, but it boiled down to Ben being fairly relaxed, and me being too uptight. We clashed a little. If scientists had examined us at that time, I doubt we’d have scored well. But we’ve both made sure we were heard, we’ve made steps towards each other, we’re both trying. Things are good 🙂

My house sells this Wednesday. And yes I’m calling it ‘mine’ because that’s what it is, though I’ve been avoiding possessive pronouns on the subject for a while – it’s not that it’s an issue, I just don’t want it to become one. We’re kind of in the what’s-mine-is-your’s phase, though I do want to settle into a nice budget sooner rather than later. Selling the house means paying off all of the debt. This is fairly important, obv.

So it’s not exactly a common Wednesday, but I’ll be interested to see how Ben responds to my bids for his attention, and then to see whether you can teach good relationship habits and communication. (And if you can teach such relationship skills… is it just me who thinks we should have been taught this stuff in school?)

Perhaps ignorance is bliss only because you have to work harder when you have some knowledge. Feels like too much effort.

So, maybe I’m back for a bit?


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