12 Days

Here’s what you’ve missed while I’ve not been blogging:
1. Ben used the L-word (correct context, cute story; another time)
2. We decided on our anniversary date (when I called him to re-ask ‘what this is’; though in my head I still refer to our first date, some 3 months prior)
3. I got the job interstate (yay and whoa boy it’s actually happening now), and I leave in under three weeks.
4. Preparing to move interstate = long to-do list = sucky. (Also that I have a lot of craft stuff. Almost as many craft boxes as kitchen boxes, and I love food and cooking, so that is weird..)
5. Attended two weddings – one beautiful, gorgeous, magical, the other a little disappointing and oddly disproportionate. (Got me thinking about what I would want in a wedding, or perhaps what I wouldn’t want… ideas for another day, sorry).
6. Sacrificing a lot for this move. (Don’t know which battles I should fight for and which I should surrender; especially when things he doesn’t care about he says “If that’s what my girl wants, it’s what my girl gets”).
7. A mum of one of my best friends has been diagnosed with cancer. (Really puts everything into perspective and makes me want to do a lot of things in preparation for the inevitable with my own mum – though much further down the line of course. Also reminds me I need to update my will).

No theories today, only packing and boxes.
And 11 more days of work at the hospital that has been my home for four and a half years. *Sadface*.
– Gigi.


About Dr O

Doctor Gigi Orist at your service, presenting theories for your enjoyment and trying to get myself through life in the process!

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