Mentionable of My People.


“The guy I’m sort of seeing.” Updated 29/1/14: Boyfriend. It’s even Book of Faces official.
We met several years ago at party at a friend of a friend’s; we were both seeing other people (who were also at said party), so we didn’t meet as singles with the potential relationship in mind.
I liked him from the start – ignoring the part where my opinion was a bit swayed by my then-boyfriend and I thought him a little arrogant for a time.
I have no idea how he thought about me when we first me.
He doesn’t talk much. Communication is his only issue. Or rather my only issue with him. This isn’t a big deal. Well, it’s not a big deal while I’m not anxiously over thinking any lack of communication.
And I can probably talk enough for two people, so maybe we’re good?
He impressed my family. And was generally an amazing co-host at Christmas.
He notices house-things.
i.e. water jug refilled and back in fridge; ice-cube tray same in freezer; empty toilet paper roll in bin and holder refilled; finished with plates cleared and in dishwasher.
He’s handsome. Dashing even. But isn’t trying to be.
He’s ambitious enough, with a decent job, and he works hard.
Our first kiss was romantic and sparks were present.
He paid first. And second actually.
And didn’t quibble when I offered next.
He’s got some decent skills.
And I’m not just talking about how he fixed my air conditioner (before the hottest-day-in-20-years I should add) and cleaned the pool.
I know. He’s awesome.
No, you can’t have him. Sorry.
Though technically, I don’t know if I have him either.

Miscellaneous People Category:


Ben’s friend. A good friend.
I get jealous if I start to question or analyse it.
She’s a stunner; an actor; and has a vlog.
Hopefully getting the chance to meet her next weekend when I’m visiting Ben.
I reckon I’ll like her, but still won’t help with the jealousy issue.


I haven’t yet really talked about any of my friends.
I’ll update this as I need to.

The Exes:

1. Mitchell

High school.
I was his sweet-heart. He was not mine, but he was a good friend, and he was brave enough to try to jump ladders from the friendzone. So I gave it a shot.
Did not work out, understandably.
Wonderful guy though; will make someone very happy.
I promise there is no bitterness here at all.
Updated Feb 2014: Actually he’s recently engaged and I’m thrilled for him!

2. Scott

Despite not having gone to the same high school, this was my young-love relationship that was going to go on forever until it kind of wasn’t and then lingered for too long because we wanted the idea of each other to work out.
Deleted me on Fb.
We are not in contact.
I am also okay with this as history and want nor need nothing more.

3. Alex

University crush. One night together, and even through the haze of too much alcohol I could tell that my feelings for him were stronger than his for mine. But I pretended that it was okay, and then really struggled in the aftermath.
Took a long time to be where I am now, which is, again, just fine.
I accepted his Fb friend request after around 3 years.

4. Peter

He was my best friend for what felt like a thousand years.
Fell for him before things had ended with Scott.
Thought he was gay. Then, actually, bi.
Together for 5 years.
Waiting for him to grow up, become an adult, and help us move our lives and our relationship on a bit further.
Things got much worse instead.
Hoped (and stuck around in case) they would get better.
Got to a point where we realised I needed him to grow up, and he didn’t want to.
Clearly our goals and ideals had drifted apart without realising.
Peter now lives/works on a cruise ship travelling around USA.
Didn’t delete him from Fb, but I am actually okay that things ended.

5. Arnold

Mutual friend set us up. (I don’t recommend doing this unless you would date them if you were in your friend’s position.)
Initially really liked him, and I tried to convince myself I could cope with the things I wasn’t all that keen on.
e.g. gym junkie (but actually built like a beanpole, so really just wants to bulk up to maybe ?look cool, ?look like a real man); seemed a bit mean to others (co-workers); wanted to ‘help’ ‘fix’ my booty (when I hadn’t indicated I thought there was anything wrong with my backside in the first place); and couldn’t rock-my-world despite an extensive sexual history.
No attempt at definition of relationship over a few weeks, and also didn’t feel that he was attentive enough over that time anyway.
Broke things off over text (there wasn’t any other way, sorry).
…and yet still getting pictures of his muscles. Including his penis.
Thanks, no-thanks.


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