Long day filled with paperwork mostly.
And then looking incompetent because the blood clotted before I could transfer it to the tubes, and then the cannula tissued 😦
But I made up for it by achieving an awesome phlebotomy on a mildly needle-phobic lady. ‘Cept no one else really saw me dominate that blood taking episode.

Theory #something: too tired for theorising = bedtime.

Last night I dreamt about giving birth. It wasn’t painful in the dream – let’s hope that’s the way it goes in reality in future years when baby making is on the tables.
…The concept, not the process (Take your dirty mind out of the gutter :-P).

I always dream vividly because of the narcolepsy. Always have. It’s weird thinking about how my subconscious comes up with this stuff.

Unfortunately I’m falling asleep as I type, so it was too late a night last night – definitely requiring sleep about now.

Here’s hoping for some sexy dreams 😉

Night night all xx

-Dr O


An Orist, The Theorist, Not Called Sexy.

First posts should be an introduction. Apologies in advance.

Theory #1: Before embarking on an online adventure, one must choose where they sit on the spectrum of sharing personal information.

Real stories are infinitely more interesting, but the potential for a backlash can be too risky with complete and utter honesty online, and yet the stories themselves can be meaningless if too little information is revealed in the first place.

So here is my pledge, to be as open as I can be, but without sharing identifying information about myself or others. With this, I hope, I won’t get myself or others into awkward situations. ..Fingers crossed.

I am a 25 year old female, but I cannot reveal my name. Since I read sexytheorist as “Sexy the Orist”, I would like you to affectionately call me an Orist. Of course, as this is a completely fictional entity, the definition of an Orist is almost irrelevant, but if you like, it can refer to: a personality subclass of over thinkers; one who is proud to be labelled a dork; a pedantic stickler for the rules; someone who is spatially unaware (in that they trip on their own feet, often walk into door frames no matter how wide, and have a much higher likelihood of dropping and/or breaking that which is valuable or important); and I can guarantee that an Orist is certainly, no matter how you look at it, never ever sexy.

Hence, I am proudly, an Orist.

I am also a medical doctor, now a few years out of university, with no clear career goal as yet. I will have some interesting work stories as they develop (maintaining confidentiality of course)

I suffer from narcolepsy. While I have not ever collapsed like they do in movies, I have fallen asleep in some awkward situations and need to take medication to maintain a normal level of alertness (think of the level of functioning you have after your first cup of coffee, and probably halve that).

I intend to use this blog as a means of sharing my theories on the way life, people and the world work, and I will always appreciate comments and feedback. With any luck, I can help myself reduce the over thinking that, more often than not, leads me to trouble, and might just have some of the advice or answers you were looking for.

So. Greetings. That’s me – your first blogging narcoleptic doctor friend.

Signing off,

– Dr Orist.


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