Theoretical List

The theories:

#1Before embarking on an online adventure, one must choose where they sit on the spectrum of sharing personal information.

#2Never, ever assume people share your opinions.

#3All’s complicated in love and war.

#4Best not to judge relationships by rules and exceptions and instead just go with the flow.   …which is much easier said than done.

#5Impatience is a representation of the high expectations one sets for oneself.

#6To live and procrastinate in the moment and enjoy the ‘now’: tip the balance in favour of what you want to do, not what you need to do.

#7Monkeys don’t have stripes, but that doesn’t mean you should go looking for the spots that probably aren’t there either.

#8Experience the bad and you can better appreciate the good.

#9Engineering situations to ensure a specific future is not necessarily a bad thing – in fact I’m hoping it’s a way of getting what you want sooner, rather than having to wait for it.

#10Keep your mouth shut about shit they don’t need to hear, so you stay on their good side.

#11People are like sheep. And monkeys. We follow the crowd and do what others do, even if it is not necessarily the best course of action.

#12If it isn’t essential to the plot, leave the mistake for history’s sake.

#13If you lack an answer, better be bold and ask instead the Questioner’s opinion.

#14If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well, and to do so requires the right frame of mind.

#15Give up on trying to fix people and you can have a much happier work/life balance.

#16Trust your instincts when making decisions: your subconscious already agrees with you, it takes less time, and you’re less likely to panic and fret over any potential negative aspects.

#17Try not to invent any doubt; be honest and trust where you can; if there are actually things that make you doubt – hesitate like mad until it’s sorted one way or another.

#18: “When you know, you know“.

#19: Every now and then it is someone else’s turn to make the grand romantic gesture. Best not to get in their way.

#20Trust is easier to give when you get a little intermittent reassurance that your trust is well placed.

#21The closer you are to the fire, the more you feel the heat.

#22Masquerades make it difficult to be properly seen. Gamble letting your guard down, and there’s always the risk of being hurt, but the prize is being found by the person you’re meant for.

#23Regrets are bigger for non-events.

#24Pants have two leg holes: it’s easier to walk when things are distributed evenly.

Miscellaneous Lists

NYR: I would like to focus more on the ‘present instant in its full reality’. I cannot hope to curb my plan-making tendencies, but I can try to follow through with the plans.

Plan #1: Document attempts to focus on the present, and any plans vs completion rates


About Dr O

Doctor Gigi Orist at your service, presenting theories for your enjoyment and trying to get myself through life in the process!

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