Leaving it for history’s sake.

I’m going to award an extra +10 points to Peter* on the Tally for the life lesson he taught me.

*Don’t fret, he gets another -11 because I remembered one of the worst GTFO moments: his claim “I was raised differently” when I wouldn’t contemplate selling my house to pay his debts. Lucky person they’ll be who gets him next.


Theory #12: If it isn’t essential to the plot, leave the mistake for history’s sake.

Peter taught me that, though perhaps not quite so poetically.

He liked the weirdness of things. He wore odd socks deliberately. He went through phases of different brightly coloured hair.

And ruined my bathroom cupboard in the process.

But that’s another story, and perhaps another -11 points come to think of it.

Pete’s thinking was that something is more likely to be special or memorable or meaningful if it has a quirk, a mistake. He loved the two squares I stuffed up in the quilt I made him because it showed that the whole thing was handmade.

It makes me think of the Mona Lisa – is she actually unfinished, or is the intentional unfinished look why her smile lingers just so?

Rarities of collectible items are often worth much more than the original because of a slight error in the manufacturing process. Interesting that the slightly faulty can be more valuable merely because of its mistake.

I have deliberately left the painting in my lounge room as it is – because I know that it is imperfect, and I know where those imperfections lie, and that makes it special because it is mine.


Ultimately, I’m just trying to explain future actions for any lack of backtrack editing on this blog.

If correcting an error is not essential to the end goal, I will leave said error – for the sake of The Orist blog history.

– Dr O.


p.s. Never fear my little Sheep(pl), I still very much like Ben, and Peter and I are never, ever, ever getting back together. Easy fond memories do not mend feelings easily.


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Doctor Gigi Orist at your service, presenting theories for your enjoyment and trying to get myself through life in the process!

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